Neues Forschungsprojekt: HaptoCheck

Development of a standardized test method to evaluate the anti-adhesion properties of surfaces against biofilms on ship hulls.

Akronym: HaptoCheck - ZIM-Förderkennzeichen KK5193801KS0

The present project addresses the development of a test method for the adhesive strength of microbial coatings (biofilms) on ship hulls. Biofilms form the first stage of colonization of surfaces and create the basis for macroscopic fouling, which has a negative impact on fuel consumption in shipping.

The main focus of the research project is initially to establish series of measurements on the detachment of biofilms from test surfaces as a function of wall shear stress. For this purpose, a laboratory-scale test apparatus will be produced to simulate the sailing speed of ships in practice. On this basis, abiotic model substances are to be developed, with the aid of which the adhesion of microbial surface coatings to antifouling coatings can be simulated in the test apparatus and used to quantify such effects as part of a standardized test procedure. On the basis of the test results, a final evaluation of the effectiveness of such coating systems is to be 
which should enable developers to optimize the non-stick properties of their products more cost-effectively and effectively.

The resulting new test method is a screening test for estimating the effectiveness of antifouling systems. It is a seasonally independent rapid test procedure that will provide paint companies with quick results for further development. The procedure will not be able to replace the later semi-annual open water tests with the promising variants, but it will accelerate the development work of the companies.